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"Three friends join their love stories to create a romantic magic that is both beguiling and whimsical."


1. No baby mama drama, no drugs, and no bang bang shoot'em up. Just boy meets girl, good old sexual tension, and sweet romance like the great American love story should be told.

2. No, this is no ordinary tale. Written in acts and scenes, each scene is written with a particular girl in mind and they may cross over and join one another. The main characters have their special avatars and each couple has a theme/favorite song. Watch for the signs and the road will be easy to travel. I hope you enjoy it.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The faces of Tripping Prince Charming. #romance

This may sound funny, but as an author, I never wanted a face on the characters of Tripping Prince Charming. I believed people should see them in their minds. Throughout the story, at every scene and act change I used an icon.
Baking utensils for Carmella. the chef.
Gardening items for Ivy the flowershop owner
Lilly for Lillie-Rose.

Even Pops has his castle in the sky.

 As I traveled through Facebook groups I kind of enjoyed the images authors placed on their characters. So, to appease that feeling for myself, I finally found the faces I love.
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    Monday, November 25, 2013

    Is it Love or Wishful Thinking? #romance

    What makes you believe there is a chance you will find your Prince Charming? Not the guy who goes around shoving glass shoes and fragile promises in the faces of every female he encounters, but the man with all of the attributes you desire? The girls from Tripping Prince Charming find themselves asking that very question in this scene

    "Listen, you two, if you can't change the subject I'm off the phone,"

    "Fine, but I feel sorry for you. You can't let one mistake, horrible as it was, direct your steps for the rest of your life. "

    "Carmella, I'm not having this conversation. Change it or I'm hanging up."

    "Okay, don't get all puffed up. We'll change it."

    "Besides ," Lillie-Rose, like a dog with a bone, had to gnaw a conversation until she was satisfied. "you know what's wrong with you Carmella?"

     "Nothing is wrong with me, but I know you'll tell me differently, Lillie-Rose."

    "You have your mind wrapped in the pages of a romance novel and love doesn't work like that."

     "Why not?" Carmella put down her pencil and moved to the living room to flop in a recliner. She could already tell this conversation was going to take the turn towards a therapy session. "Why can't I have a beautiful love story? Why can't I have Franklin fall in love with me the way those girls do in those books? Why can't I have one of those silly fairytales your dad used to harp on, Ivy? I used to think they were really stupid until I saw, Franklin. Why can't I believe it can happen to me?"

    "Because you are a Black girl, Carmella Candi." Lillie-Rose stated her answer with a clap of her hand between each word. "Wake up, you're dreaming. You have to work for the happily ever after. When you read those fairy tales, where was that pretty Black princess? You ever read a story where this little Black kid married a prince?"
     "At least we think she is." Ivy commented softly. She knew this was another sore point with Carmella.

    "At least you think I'm what? Ivy I know you're not gonna go there this time of night."
     In a flash the two cousins were in the middle of an argument about what makes a person Black. Same argument they'd had all of their lives. The same argument that had been going on for generations in the African-American communities and it didn't help any that Carmella's mom was Asian.
    "Hey, hey wait a minute." Lillie-Rose broke in. "Let's have that argument after I make my point. As I was saying, you're a Black girl and it doesn't work like that. We have to go and ‘get' our man." Lillie-Rose smacked her lips, the sound loud and irritating through the phone's receiver.

     "You think because I'm Black there's no guy going to come and sweep me off my feet? What does that mean? Go and get our man? Do I have to settle on being 'the baby mama' and call it my 'romance'? I'm not going to be part of some baby mama drama relationship."

    "No, girl, it's just that no sincere Black guy runs around with flowers and candy. That romance stuff is just a figment of someone's imagination. I told you all through high school about reading those idiotic romance books; they'll warp your mind. You passed up some mighty fine guys back in the day, hiding your head in those books."

     "You should've read some Lillie-Rose and you wouldn't be so cynical and hard when a man approaches you."
     "I heard enough about the idiotic romances when Ivy's dad used to read us those stories as kids. Didn't believe them then and I don't believe them now. When Prince Charming comes poking around me, he better just watch out. As for now, Ms. Carmella Candi when a man approaches me then I won't be as cynical. All that's coming at the moment are the same broke boys still spouting the same lines they used freshman year of high school. Those fools thought they were cool then when those girls allowed themselves to be caught, but they were just luckin' out 'cuz those were the years the girls were tryin' anything and anybody to be part of a crowd."
    "You see that's what I'm talking about. You're too hard."
     "I think I have a right to be. The one time I trusted a man, what did I get? And anyway we're talking about you? Just look how you ran from your heart throb, Carmella. You've been watching Franklin for the past year. Mooning and crooning over him, in my ear mind you. I thought he was ‘so romantic'."

     "I don't know about that. I mean I'm glad to know he likes me it's just disconcerting to know he went through such a devious extreme to get to know me."

     "Something someone in your novels would probably do." Ivy sighed loudly. "It's so sweet."

    "Could be the best thing ever, but now that she's in it, she can't accept it." Lillie-Rose agreed. "She just left the man standing alone in a dark parking lot. Goes to show we're really not made for that romance junk. Remember what we used to say as kids? We'll run our own love story and not sit around waiting for the big swooning rescue scene."

    "Again it just goes to prove my point. You don't have a romantic bone in your body. I think age has changed me and I can envision a love story. If things work out the way I am hoping they will, I'll be living the perfect romance."
    "What do you think about that, Ivy?"
     "I'm with Carmella, Lee. I would love a little romance. If Bernard looked at me the way Franklin looks at her I would pass out."
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    What makes you believe in love and the 'happily ever after'? Before you leave, please take some time to do this…

    Write down a couple of quick notes for:

  • Ways this post or blog held or lost your attention.
  • Is there a way I can enchance it visually?
  • Did you find any interest in the featured book?
  • What social network would be best for you to share this information?

  • I'd love it if you told me your answers in the comments below so I can know how to serve my readers.
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    Friday, November 1, 2013

    When a Man Loves a Dream #trippingprincecharming

    Nathaniel is a man determined to hold the woman from his dreams, in his heart like a precious pearl clasped in his hand. This is a tidbit of his anguish.
    Nathaniel leaned back on the porch swing of the Gardiner home until his head was resting on the wrought iron frame and closed his eyes. The metal was as uncomfortable to his flesh as his thoughts were to his mind. Sighing deeply he searched his heart to try and figure out exactly what he need to do about Lillie-Rose. In his heart there was nothing but love for the woman. He knew without a doubt she was the one he wanted to spend the remainder of his life with. The problem was, Lillie-Rose was scared to death.

    The mere mention of the word marriage and she practically ran away mentally and physically. Not that he blamed her. After living through a violent and abusive marriage at a young age, and an equally violent childhood, he could understand her running in terror. Though he was doing his best to court her slowly with small gifts, attending quiet dinners in her huge hideout of a home, sometimes engaging in extremely sensual make-out sessions, full blown overnight lovemaking and patiently listening to her voiced fears, he was afraid to initiate a conversation that could possibly take their relationship to the final level or kill it where it stood. Sighing again, he leaned forward. Legs apart, hands hanging and swinging mildly between his knees. The well manicured fingers nearly touching the porch's marble flooring. After six months he no longer wanted to be the hidden silent boyfriend. He wanted to place a ring on her finger and be considered a public fiancé.
     "You're looking pretty darned miserable there, Son."
    Nathaniel startled at the sound of Michael Gardiner's voice. He hadn't noticed the man come out on the porch and take position on the recliner, a part of the wrap around porch's outdoor furnishings.

    Michael Gardiner took a sip from the coffee cup he held in his hand, silently staring at the younger man. "So, what's going on, Son?" Nathaniel cleared his throat before answering. Pop Gardiner had always been like a second father to him and out of habit he wanted to rush in and confess his feelings and spout his doubts about his relationship to Lillie-Rose, but as a man sworn to secrecy, he held his tongue. "So, what's up boy? Cat got your tongue? Or should I say, ‘Leelee got your tongue?"

    Nathaniel's head jerked up in surprise. His eyes encountered the laughing gaze of the older man and he smiled sheepishly. "How do you know?"
     "I know everything when it comes to the people I consider ‘family'."
     "Oh yeah? Did you know Lille-Rose hates being called by that name?"
    "Yeah I know, but it was her nickname as a child. All it took was a sadistic bastard of a husband, and a no good father to steal every facet of her being. She feels if she changes her name she changes the past. I refuse to let her give up on the person she is. I think only a good man can do that for her. You are that man."

     "Really, now how do you even know she sees me that way?" Pops' hearty laughter filled the air, the chuckle turning into a strangling cough. Jumping up to thump the man on the back, Nathaniel had to laugh along with him.

     "Son," Pops cleared his throat. "Only the unobservant wouldn't know about the two of you. You disappear every night, can't concentrate on your duties around here and you switch between euphoria and grief at the twitch of an eye. That is the serious sign of a man in love with a woman and you should do something about it. "
     "I assure you Sir, I will." Nathaniel stood to leave. "And this time, make sure you don't make her cry during the process."

     "Oh no Sir, I won't have her crying ever again if I can help it."
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