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"Three friends join their love stories to create a romantic magic that is both beguiling and whimsical."


1. No baby mama drama, no drugs, and no bang bang shoot'em up. Just boy meets girl, good old sexual tension, and sweet romance like the great American love story should be told.

2. No, this is no ordinary tale. Written in acts and scenes, each scene is written with a particular girl in mind and they may cross over and join one another. The main characters have their special avatars and each couple has a theme/favorite song. Watch for the signs and the road will be easy to travel. I hope you enjoy it.

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Ivy Gardiner

Ivy Gardiner *A Thorn in Her Pocket*
Has her prince in her sights. How can she change the mindset of her friends?



The first drop of the freezing liquid hitting her neck and rolling down the collar of her shirt shocked her into immobility. The book bopping her on the head and the deluge of water immediately following had her jumping up and down in dripping amazement.
One minute she was sitting on the steps outside of the church contemplating how to introduce herself to Bernard Wilson, the man of her dreams and the next she was facing him in a wet, clinging t-shirt.
“Oh, Ivy, I am so sorry.”
Bernard placed the arm load of books on a dry step and proceeded to try mopping Ivy down with the hand full of paper towels. Pulling the shirt away from her body, Ivy grabbed his wrist with her free hand to stop his movements. The physical effect of his fingers brushing her breast definitely not one she wanted him to come in contact with.
“Damn, I’m really sorry about that and the cursing in your presence.”
His apology sounded so sincere, but the heat in his eyes burned her. Letting her know he was well aware of her feelings.
Clearing her throat she tried to change the subject.
“Do you always carry so many pieces of paper towels around? Makes me wonder if you….” Pausing and raising her head from her efforts of soaking some water from her shirt, Ivy caught the tail end of Bernard’s smile just before he lowered his head and reached down to retrieve his books. She laughed, a little relieved to know parts of her dream were reciprocated. “Did you really mean to wet me like this?”

“Oh no,” Bernard self consciously chuckled along with her. "well not as much as this for obvious reasons.” With a nod of his head, he indicated the appearance of her hardened nipples, literally naked through the sheer material of her thin white shirt. “Honestly, I’d thought a few drops would have fallen on you and then I could have played the hero and offered you drying materials, and afterward we would have a full conversation instead of the cursory ones we have inside the building. Unfortunately, when I turned the corner at break neck speed, trying to catch you before you drove off, I stopped short at the sight of you on the bottom steps and the water sloshed out of the glass. Stupid me trying to keep it from tilting, dropped a book, reached for it and the glass tilted anyway and here we are.”
Ivy, standing with mouth opened, listened intently. She was infatuated and the fact he knew her name and had gone through such ridiculous tricks to get to know her, made her care less how he met her, but so glad he had finally taken the initiative.
“Are you okay? Are you in shock, Ivy? You haven’t said a word or changed expression in the past two minutes." Bernard snapped his fingers in front of her face.
"Yes, I’m fine. Kinda glad actually, I was sitting her trying to figure out how to ‘casually’ bump into you and now it’s done. We can’t go out for a cup of coffee with me looking like an advert of a contest. Can we set a date for a rain check?”
“Yes, of course. Give me your phone and I’ll put in my number. That way you can call me whenever you’re ready to set the date.”
With an ease that kept her calm, Bernard took the cell from Ivy’s slack fingers, tapped his number in, returned her phone and was stepping back before she could react.
“Now, remember, Ms. Ivy Gardiner I’ll be waiting.” And with that he turned and walked away. Whistling as he went.
Sighing deeply, Ivy held her hand to her chest and giggled like a kid promised a coveted gift. If it all worked out, he would be exactly that, tall, very dark, dimpled, courteous, Bernard. The fantasy she’d purposely kept tucked away from the critical observance of her cousin, Carmella and their friend, Lillie-Rose and didn’t want to be ridiculed as a hypocrite. After all they’d spent their youth promising themselves they would do the chasing and the choosing of their prince. Refusing to lie around like a pampered sleeping beauty chewing on apples, being chased around by dwarfs, and waiting for a prince to rescue them.
Well, she was older now, love had shown its beautiful face and as far as she was concerned she had her prince in scope. If it took her to find her friends their mates so they would all have a happy ever after, so be it. She would write their story and then squeeze them into their scenes.
Bernard whistled all the way to his car, the act, more as a means to calm his rapid heart rate than to entertain himself. He’d watched Ivy for months of Sundays not to mention the nights of the singles’ meetings. She was usually surrounded by her two friends or hanging with various female members of the congregation so he never approached her. Until he realized, every time he looked in her direction she was smiling at him.  He decided to take the bull by the horns.
Sitting behind the steering wheel he smiled in anticipation at the sudden ringing of his cell. Without glancing at the caller id, he answered the phone; laughter in his voice. By the end of the conversation, he was beating the wheel in frustration. His job was sending him away for a month and it would be a while before he would be able to get to know Ivy. Closing his eyes in a moment of frustration before starting the ignition, he comforted himself with the belief everything would work out.

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