Don't you just love romance?
"Three friends join their love stories to create a romantic magic that is both beguiling and whimsical."


1. No baby mama drama, no drugs, and no bang bang shoot'em up. Just boy meets girl, good old sexual tension, and sweet romance like the great American love story should be told.

2. No, this is no ordinary tale. Written in acts and scenes, each scene is written with a particular girl in mind and they may cross over and join one another. The main characters have their special avatars and each couple has a theme/favorite song. Watch for the signs and the road will be easy to travel. I hope you enjoy it.

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-USATODAY Mention- In the spirit of Thanksgiving … Authors Ey Wade, Love Belvin and Joy Daniels share their characters framed in the theme of community, gratitude and appreciation. * Tripping Prince Charming is the tale of three love stories. I was challenged by the characters, who hated everything from their names to the format of the book, to write scenes and acts which pulled separate romances into one story. More like a screenplay than your typical novel, Tripping Prince Charming lets us see how the route we choose for our life can change the path of another. Carmella, Ivy, and Lillie-Rose are the epitome of friendship, loyalty, good-natured meddling and matchmaking. A love story of the century that will bring tears to your eyes and a smile to your lips.*

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 USAToday #romance " In Tripping Prince Charming, Ey Wade uses a creative way to tell the story of friends Ivy Gardiner, Carmella Candy and Lillie-Rose McIntyre. Written in acts, the interconnected stories introduce the three princes who hope to win the hand of their one and only true love. With music specifically selected for each phase of the courtship, Wade takes us on this creative romantic journey of thrills, disappointments, and ultimate happiness. Read and cheer for your favorite couple. This is truly a modern-day fairy tale for the romantics at heart."
  •  Andrea Cunningham 
    I was amused throughout this entire story simply because I saw so much of myself in each of the female characters. Wade writes about love in such a generous way. The characters are balanced and well thought out, making them easier to relate to.

    I gave it 5 stars because it was not formulaic and kept me engaged until the very end. Love stories are definitely my genre of choice and this is an EXCELLENT love story.
  •   Very, very sweet story,   -  I received an advanced copy of Tripping Prince Charming, and took my time reading. I have not read many romance novels, and I found this one to be a very sweet story, giving hope to the wounded and skeptics. The story is, at times, heartbreaking, when we learn about the past lives of some of the characters. But it is beautiful to read a book with such a lovely happy ending. It was more than falling in love too quickly or being unrealistic in lust/love. The love scenes were slow building, and didn't happen right away. This is something I can appreciate, and something that kept me coming back, turning the pages, getting to know the characters and their stories. Although I can see the book as a play, I am a bit unsure about the songs/music at the start of the story. Not because I have anything against music and books - they go hand in hand in my opinion. While I admire something so unique, and it could potentially grow on me, I am just a bit unsure. This is minor - I wouldn't even call it an issue. This is a book worth reading and sharing with everyone you know. Again, Wade described the stories and their personalities quite well, which brings me to something that I always look for and love to comment on. Details. The author told us how someone was breathing. How the wind blew. How someone was standing. What the hand was doing as it reached. As a fellow writer, this was inspiring, compelling. And I almost forgot, an integral character - I enjoyed learning about the "fairy god-father." I enjoyed the story, and I repeat: I could absolutely see it as a play. I still picture the scene with the boisterous laughter and the rocking chair at the beginning of the book with condensation forming and dripping from a glass. So descriptive, bringing the story to life. 
  •    Modern Day Fairy Tale,  By   - Verified Purchase. I enjoyed this book with the 3 interwoven love stories. My favorite character, Lillie-Rose, reminded me of many women I know and she felt like a truly believable person. I found myself rooting for the guys more than the girls and was very surprised by some of the honest dialogue that the male characters had. It was refreshing and gave me hope. The historical aspects placed strategically throughout the book were informative as well as entertaining. All in all Tripping Prince Charming was a great read. I always enjoy a grown-up and modern fairy tale. Ey Wade, I look forward to more titles from you in the future and will be going back to read your other works as well. Thank you for sharing your characters with the world!
  •  Something very different from There is a difference between being fated and being star crossed, being blessed and cursed. Yet sometimes its very difficult to tell and extremely difficult to convince a skeptic that fairy tales can come true even if you have to walk through the fires of hell to convince them. This is a most unusual book and I don't know how to classify it. It is a romance, yes. In fact is it three of them. On one level. On another, its a bit like a musical (think fiddler on the roof. Oh yes, quite literally think that...) It reads like a screen play complete with a musical sound track and wonderful sets and locations. The back story to the entire thing could be a novel in itself, and toward the end it comes to center stage and rescues the entire effort. Another book by Ey Wade that is different from any other I have read, including her own. Its daring, often humorous, at times just a bit heart breaking, and highly original. There is a palette of flavors both sweet and at times bitter.

  •  A Modern Fairy Tale, . As the title suggests, this book is a twist on the traditional fairy tale. A trio of best friends form their teenage years have not yet connected with Mr. Right. The characters are portrayed with insight, candor and often humour, making this a fun read even though romance is not my genre of choice. Wade has chosen a unique presentation for the triple story with suggestions for music and some illustrations. It’s different but it adds an interesting element to the flow of the book. We begin in the middle, sort of, as each of the trio discovers that their Mr. Right has reached their point of no return leaving the young women bereft and wondering what went wrong. Then Wade takes on the journey of what brought them to that point. And how the three friends relate to each other will take you back to your own “best” friendships, the kind we all want. Some of the most humorous parts of the story happens between the trio as they commiserate over their missteps in their attempts to “trip prince charming”. But wait. I did say this was a fairy tale, right? Wade makes skillful and entertaining work of telling the misadventures on the way to happy ever after. This book is unusual in a number of ways: the “triple” romances, the presentation order and style, and the ending. If you like fairy tales but think you’ve outgrown them give this little gem a try. I did and I’m not sorry. (I received a free copy for an honest review)
  •  from Rebecca Poole. I received an advance copy of this novel. I'm sorry it's taken so long for me to write the review, as it was a fantastic read. I enjoyed Miss Wade's take on fairy tales. Like another reviewer, I really rooted for the guys. The dialogue was interesting and very different from what I'm used to reading in romance novels. It was refreshingly modern and sweet. I love the really caught my attention as someone who adores fairy tales, seeing something different was really cool. I know I'll be reading more of Miss Wade's back catalog of books for sure. 

  •   Fairy Tales Can Come True from Verified Purchase. A great story of 3 best friends, on the quests to find their Prince Charming. They go through many ups and downs in their pursuit to forever love. My most favorite character was Lillie - Rose I know many women can relate to her, even myself. The ending was the bomb! I cried & cried tears of joy. I really enjoyed reading,this was a great book.

  •    Captivating! I love how the love scenes develop over time and not all at once. These women are beautiful, strong and even funny. I can see this as a play. The selection of the music fits perfectly. Well done!

  •   " This story or rather three stories in one, as it is about the journey three women take to find true love, starts similar to a play. This part was confusing in the beginning, hence the 4 stars, but the journey was sweet and the story was good. I would suggesst it to others. I received a gifted copy in exchange for my honest review.

  •   The different love story! from  -The author Ey Wade brings to the readers' atention three very unique and sweet, interconected love stories. The quest of finding Prince Charming leads to an ending with a fairy tale taste. But it is the path that the three couples need to walk together that is sweet, full of respect and patience. If you love unique novels with an unusual approach you must dive into that love tale! Selina Bodur Author of "Fighting the Impossible"
  •   -  I had the privilege of reviewing this novel before it was released This story is about three best friends Ivy Gardiner, Carmella Candy and Lillie-Rose McIntyre, they grew up in the same town and have always wanted to find their Prince Charming, through the bumps of their relationships they run across three guys that are potential candidates, Bernard Wilson, Franklin Henderson, Nathaniel Henry have their lives turned upside down trying to convince the ladies that they are the prince's they have been dreaming and waiting on since they were little girls. This was a story with a fairy tale ending, I loved the way the author (Ey Wade) brought the three couples together, having them take their time getting to know each other's hearts before rushing into a physical relationship, each character was written to have respect and patience for each other's feelings. I Loved this Novel.
  •  Whimsical Tales
    I was given an advanced copy of this book to review.

    Ey Wade's writing is magical, whimsical and gripping. I started this book some time ago but due to personal reasons had to put it down. I started it over again this weekend and immediately regretted my hiatus. The characters, both the heroes and heroines are interesting. The dialogue convincing, and their romances were sweet.

    I liked how Ey showed the various complicated scenarios we sometimes find ourselves beginning relationships with. There is truly baggage on both sides and yet when love is involved, we find a way to put those bags aside and then actually empty them.

    Excellent work, Ey. I look forward to reading more in the future

    J. P. Uvalle
    Whimsical tellings of love had me captivated by every word until the end. You could feel the magic in your in soul as you drive deeper into the story. There's always a special place in my heart fairy tales original or retold. They truly stand the test of time, and Ey Wade has easily become one of my favorite authors.

    Absolutely Fabulous!

    Enjoyed this book immensely. Probably because I related to the characters, or at least I did 20 something years ago. Didn't we all want to find our Prince Charmings back then? These stories are well written and strong, the characters wonderfully developed, the dialogue fresh and believable. I just couldn't put it down. (I am NOT a romance reader by nature; I have chased and kissed way too many frogs in my past to be suckered in by romance.) but I did enjoy this one, And I think you will too. Highly recommended.

    Tripping Prince Charming, Indeed

    I received an advance copy of this novel. I'm sorry it's taken so long for me to write the review, as it was a fantastic read.

    I enjoyed Miss Wade's take on fairy tales. Like another reviewer, I really rooted for the guys. The dialogue was interesting and very different from what I'm used to reading in romance novels. It was refreshingly modern and sweet.

    I love the really caught my attention as someone who adores fairy tales, seeing something different was really cool. I know I'll be reading more of Miss Wade's back catalog of books for sure.
    Thank you for your time.

     Emily: A unique format made for a refreshing and charming read. The book follows the stories of three couples interwoven into each others lives. The characters were great and relatable and the story had a delightful whimsical feel to it.

    At first I did have a little trouble remembering who was who with all the characters and points of view, but once I got that down it was quite enjoyable!

    SamanthaTripping Prince Charming is not a traditional book. It blends romance, chick lit, and fairy tale. The book follows three young women (best friends) as they fall in love and deal with everything that means.

    The storyline was a lot of fun. I enjoyed it on a scene-by-scene basis.

    However, it didn't quite hold together as a book. The short scenes meant that we jumped around a lot between the six main characters, and I found that the three men and three women weren't distinct enough in my mind as I read and I often had to backtrack to remember which characters were which.

    Some of the dialogue charmed and amused me, but some of it also felt staged. That made the telling a little uneven.

    Still, I was drawn in by the story and satisfied by the ending. I would read other work by this author.


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