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Friday, February 21, 2014

-Scenes of a Breakup Part 1: #romance #romanceinblack #amreading

Interlude Stay-Scenes of a Breakup

 Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, misunderstandings can cause heartache. It is the hope in the ones we love, the belief in the relationship we thrive for, that will illuminate and correct the problem in the end.

 Musical Selection:"Stay" by Rihanna

 Stay Scene 1:
Lillie-Rose: Standing in the living room of her home, silently accepting the accusations and verbal lashing being thrown at her by the love of her life.

 "Nathaniel, just so you understand, I don't think I was ever dishonest with you about anything dealing with my past life." Lillie-Rose fingered the curtain as she looked out of the window to the garden. The three hummingbirds flittering around the feeder making her think of herself, her friends and their love interests. Things were so tempting and sweet, but there was an element of danger.

 "No, you just never speak of it." The bite of anger in his tones struck a cord and she turned quickly, her attention strictly on his face.
 "There's nothing to talk about. I've never pretended I was as pure as the driven snow like Ivy or once bitten like Carmella. What can I say about the marriage other than I am a woman who has been thrown aside and dragged through the mill. I love the relationship we've been having and I don't have a problem with it.
 "Oh, really? That's not what I've been hearing. Every time I'm anywhere near Branson he feel its his duty to regale me with scenes from your past together or worse, enlighten me to your present rendezvous."
Stunned at the ensuing accusations and afraid to break in the soliloquy to try to clear her name, Lillie-Rose stood mute. Mute in both mind and voice. Nathaniel glared from his stance at the door to where Lillie-Rose stood in statuesque silence. Her back, stiff and ramrod straight, pressed against the frame of the bay window and her face turned slightly at an angle was deceiving in its simulated peaceful repose. Because her lashes were lowered, he couldn't tell if she were looking at him or into the garden. He wasn't even sure she was listening to him. After his first question she'd completely shut down.

Whenever she threw a glance in his direction throughout his solitary tirade, all he was able to see was a tinge of fear. What was she really afraid of? Had Branson been telling the truth? If she would just answer he would tell her it wasn't a problem. He could understand if they'd engaged in a youthful rendezvous, after all Branson was Ivy's brother. Many girls fell in love with their best friend's brother. He could forgive that, but he knew he wouldn't be able to forgive her if the snide remarks Branson was continually spouting had anything to do with the present.

 "Lillie-Rose, Honey will you please just answer me? Tell me everything Branson is saying is a lie. I honestly don't believe him. As a matter of fact I think he's a bold faced liar, but I want to hear the words from your mouth. Have you been sleeping with Branson, recently?" Nathaniel watched Lillie-Rose's body shudder as if disgusted and he happily took it as a sign of denial and hurriedly added another question. "He told me about the baby. Is that why you want to keep your past with him a secret?"

 Lillie-Rose jerked her head in his direction at the remark and looked him straight in the eyes.

 "Yes, he told me all about it." Nathaniel stepped closer, ready to offer her comfort, but without her taking a step, he felt the very essence of her being, shift away from him. Lillie-Rose watched him lifting his hand towards her and immediately recoiled. She'd been here before and she didn't trust the innocuous touch. The lying deceitful stroke of steel encased in a soft hand. She wanted to part her lips and answer him, but they refused to separate; too afraid of the retaliation. ‘Did he tell you how he nearly got me killed with his insane jealous ridden lie? Did he tell you how his best friend beat me so mercilessly I ended up losing the child and spending a week on life support?' Lillie-Rose wanted to scream those words at him, but she didn't let a sound pass through her lips. All she could do was remember and relive the last time she was questioned like this, then her every denial earned her another punch or kick. She'd learned her lesson. Besides, any contribution to the argument was unnecessary, Nathaniel's next words were answer enough.

 "Okay Lillie-Rose, don't answer me. I'm just going to have to believe what he has told me. You regretted breaking up after losing his child and then I come into the picture and make him see where he messed up. I'm going to have to believe you two never really ended the relationship you had as kids and I'm going to step out of the picture." Without another word Nathaniel turned to walk out of the door. Rushing forward, she made to grab for his shirt tail and missed as he slipped through the opening, closing it softly behind him.

Lillie-Rose pressed her forehead to the closed door. The snap of the lock's click in the chamber triggering the tears she'd held in check during their argument. What had she done? How could she have sat quietly while the man she loved beyond life walked away from her? There was no way she could justify even to herself the silence she had enveloped her emotions in had been the death of such a promising relationship. All she'd had to do was answer his simple questions. All she had to do was deny the accusations. Only thing she had to do was agree with him when he called Branson a bold faced liar, because that's exactly what he was. But she had held her tongue and let her fear keep her mouth shut. A mouth which could have cleared the air and not let the man she loved, leave with a lie encased in his heart. She'd let the brutal words and violent accusations determine her present and destroy her future. She'd let, what would have been a beautiful night remind her of the near death beating she'd taken from an abusive ex-husband.

With silent tears streaming down her cheeks, she turned, pressed the back of her head to the door and let the weight of her body drag her down and into a sitting position. Before her butt touched the floor she pulled her cell from the back pocket of her jeans. She needed to talk to her friends.

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