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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Tears Among Friends~Scene From Tripping Prince Charming

“I just want someone to jerk my ignorant head off and tell me what to do." 

Carmella stood a few more minutes staring into the empty street, before pulling her phone from her pocket. She couldn’t believe Franklin had broken up with her. She needed to talk to Ivy, but before she could dial her cousin's number, the phone rang. It was Lillie-Rose, crying her heart out. While trying to comfort her and find out the problem, Ivy buzzed into the call, inserting her into the conversation by three-way; Carmella was disconcerted to also hear Ivy crying tragically through the line.     “Wait….hold on…stop, both of you. I can’t understand what either of you are saying. You're crying and talking at the same time. Are you saying you had fights with Bernard and Nathaniel? That’s so crazy, I just had one with Franklin. Is this some kind of conspiracy or something? Did the guys plan this as a joke?" Running her fingers through her hair in agitation, she paced a few steps. "I was just about to call you. This has turned out to be the worst day in my life. Can you come over here? Just pack a suitcase and come over here. We can have a damned pity party and discuss what we can do to fix this.”

    After sharing a few more comforting words and agreeing to meet at seven, Carmella hung up the phone and ran into the house. She slammed the door and threw herself on the couch to cry broken-heart and alone.   
  Forty-five minutes later, Carmella opened the door, quietly watching as Ivy and Lillie-Rose entered; each dropping their overnight bag to the floor of the foyer and solemnly continuing their trek towards the kitchen.   
  “I thought we’d hang out around the pool and watch tear jerkers all night.”  
   “Good, that’s the exact mood I’m in.” Lillie-Rose changed the direction she was walking in and followed Carmella.  
   “Me, too,” Ivy agreed. “I just want someone to jerk my ignorant head off and tell me what to do." She stopped in mid stride, closing her eyes as if in severe pain. "Oh my God, Carmella, do you need to have Rhianna song on?” Ivy rubbed her fingers on her temples. “I’ve always thought Stay was the saddest song ever, but now, it just fits perfectly with my misery and I don’t think I can handle it.”    
 “Well, I want to wallow in misery for the rest of the evening until I know exactly what I can say to make this right for me. I didn’t start having fantasies of living a Disney movie just to have my glass slippers thrown at my head.” Carmella flopped into the cushions of the large couch and turned on the television. “Grab whatever snacks you want and make yourself comfortable. We have a stack of movies to go through.”   
  Two hours later, above the soft voices coming from the screen, the only sound to be heard was the sniffling of the three women huddled on the couch; each in varied positions of despair, none of them able to make the other believe they were crying over the heartbroken heroine in the movie.
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